Move. Play. Workout. Together.

Explore new ways to bond with your kids through shared movement.

DupiTime uses the language of movement and physical activity to connect dads with their children — from newborns to kindergarteners.

What is DupiTime?

DupiTime (DOO-PEE TIME) is all about exploring physical movement together with your child. We offer a wide variety of different workouts that any dad can do with their babies or young kids. Each workout makes time together fun—and gets dad fit, too.

How to do a DupiTime Workout

Get your little one

Tell them it’s time to move and play together, even if it's only for a few minutes. For example, with newborns, putting them on their bellies and engaging them with DupiTime can encourage them to extend tummy time sessions!

Do the Workout

Select a Dupitime workout to do with or alongside your little one. Follow the demo videos and tips.

Have fun!

The more smiles and laughs you get from your little one during DupiTime, the better. Make DupiTime your own—slow things down if they need a break or change things up. The important part is spending time with your child!

DupiTime Benefits

For Dads

Stay active and healthy while spending quality time with your little ones.

For Kids

Have fun exploring physical movement, while building strength, mobility, and coordination.

For Everyone

Create a strong bond between dad and kids through shared activity.

Free DupiTime eBook

Want to get started quickly? We're giving away our new DupiTime eBook, which features 20+ unique workouts written by dads for dads.

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